Handwashing Stations

Handwashing is till one of the oldest and most powerful ways to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria! Most constructions sites or venues do not have running water so our handwashing stations are the perfect solution.

Portable handwashing stations are completely self-contained to provide customers with the ability to wash their hands when standard plumbing is not available. Portable handwashing stations are used for a variety of applications including construction sites or special events

BRAVO Two Person Stations

Two Person Hand Washing Station

Capacity: 22-gallon fresh water, 24-gallon grey water
Nearly 350 uses without refilling
Includes two soap dispensers, four paper towel dispensers and hands-free foot pump operation
Includes drain plugs and lockable fill caps
Engineered with built-in handles to easily maneuver into place
Easy on-site maintenance with handy siphon port for pump out
Stays put with tie-down ring
Weighs 70-lbs empty, 250-lbs full
Paper Towel dispenser requires Georgia-Pacific Envision® Singlefold Towels (item # GP-2350

BRAVO Four Person Stations

Four Person Handwashing Station

Capacity: 20-gallon fresh water, 20-gallon grey water
325 uses per fill-up
Hands get clean, stay clean, with soap and towel dispensers at every station
Hands-free foot pump operation
Serves four, but only one person is needed to move it (weighs 60 lbs. empty, 225 lbs. full)

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