Our Washroom Trailers

The comfort station washroom trailers are primarily used for construction sites, large events or remote work sites. We service and sanitize each station on a regular schedule. If your company is looking for a comfortable washroom trailer for your employee’s, we have what are looking for!

The trailer has two separate washroom compartments.
Each room contains a fresh water flush toilet and sink, with hot water.
The Women’s Side contains a sink, vanity with mirror and a flushing toilet.
The Men’s Side contains a sink, vanity with mirror, flushing toilet and a urinal.
The trailer is insulated and heated.
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Fresh water for sinks, toilet and urinals, is supplied by a large tank tucked away in the utility room. The sewage waste is stored in a tank beneath the floor.

Dimensions: 5’ W x 13’ L x 9’6” T
Heaters: 2 x 1500w, 1 x 750w
Water Pump: 115V AC Industrial
Water Heater: 8.5 Gallon Capacity – 500w
Fresh Water: 200 USG
Sewage: 250 USG
Suspension: Rubber Torsion 5200 lb.
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